Music Ally Learning Ecosystem

Music Ally has been covering and consulting around digital music since 2002, advising labels and their artists how to adapt to new technology trends, including strategising and marketing effectively. Our daily news bulletins and fortnightly Sandbox reports – example HERE – have given us a deep insight into the mechanics of successful digital campaigns. We are also the leader in digital-marketing training for the music industry, having coached teams across the spectrum of major and independent labels. This knowledge and experience feeds in to our digital marketing services offering. 

However, we suggest you start with learning, as the Music Ally Learning Ecosystem demonstrates. Learning is the foundation for all our digital marketing and strategy efforts. Find out more HERE.

Then, once you are ready, here are some of the areas we can help:

Digital Strategy Assessments

We’ll start with your presence on search engines, looking at where your artist’s fans (and potential fans) are being directed when they search online. We’ll assess how you can affect those search results, as well as optimising your website, social media, streaming, third-party and digital-retail profiles to maximum effect.

We’ll then comb your social media and web presence and identify which areas need some optimisation. Our team will report back with recommendations to help you interact with fans more easily, while giving the maximum exposure to the content you want to promote.

(We can also implement those findings for an additional fee.)

Digital Fan Building & Communication

It’s more important than ever to build your own database of fans rather than just rely on the social networks and streaming platforms. We can help you set up retargeting pixels across all your properties and links, as well as helping you consolidate your mailing list and capture data intelligently.

We’ll also help you segment your Facebook and Instagram audiences so they are easily targetable. We can then help you communicate with those fans, and give you the tools to run bespoke digital advertising campaigns. From promoting content or setting up and targeting audiences to serving a retargeting pool, ensuring your content is promoted to the right audience.

Creative Ideas / Development / Innovation

We will put our knowledge of digital platforms and tools to work for artists and labels, coming up with creative ideas and innovative ways to promote your music and connect with fans: from creative ideas for marketing campaigns, to experimenting with new technologies and tools.

Facebook and Instagram Assessment and Optimisation

We will assess your Facebook and Instagram presence and content, then optimise it to ensure you’re cutting through the noise on the social networks, reaching your artists’ existing audience as well as putting their content in front of potential fans who should love them.

TikTok Account Strategy

We will help you to establish a successful social presence on TikTok including content and posting strategy, algorithm fundamentals, hashtag and trends research and driving traffic to the artist’s profile and music. The aim is to build a new and strong communication channel allowing the artist to benefit from TikTok’s viral potential and highly engaged audience.

YouTube Assessment and Optimisation

We will assess your YouTube channel and video presence, then optimise it to ensure you’re getting the most out of YouTube’s recommendation algorithm – which the service says generates 70% of watch-time. We’ll help you guide fans to the videos you want them to see.

Digital Marketing Plans

We write marketing plans, with a focus on digital, for a variety of artist and label needs. Those include releases, such as singles, EP’s, and albums, as well as tours, films and other activities you need a campaign around. We’ll help you plan:

  • Release setup
  • Social media & audience insights
  • Timelines
  • Creative ideas
  • Digital advertising

Campaign Implementation

We offer full-service campaign implementation, of our marketing plans, or any other areas you may need digital expertise. This bespoke service can be used for as much or as little as you need.

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