Are we the app

No we are not.  We are a different business. We are an information service about the digital music business, we are not that music app.

What is this?

This website is part of Music Ally’s information service focused on the digital music business. In order to access our premium articles and data you need to have a subscription, which also provides you with our daily bulletin and weekly insight and digital marketing reports and monthly insight reports.

How does it work?

If you’ve already got an account, login via the top right link to access our full information service. If not, you can sign up for a free trial account via

I haven’t received the bulletin today, why is that?

Please check your junk mail/spam mail first.  It may be a bank holiday in the UK or it may be a glitch in our mailing system. If the latter we’ll be sure to get onto it straight away.. If the former then we’ll let you know in advance.

I forgot my password!

Go to the login option at the top right of the screen and please click on forgot my password. You will be sent a new password. We advise changing this to something more familiar once you are logged in.

I can’t access an article, why is that?

Our subscription is a premium service and access to many articles is for paying subscribers only.

I paid for the subscription but I am not receiving the service

The subscription Bulletins arrive on Mondays through to Fridays around 8.30am UK time so if you have not received a report the day following purchase on one of these days, first of all check your spam mail.

What do I receive when subscribed to the information service?

You will get a daily Bulletin sent direct to your email plus each fortnight we send an Insight Report by PDF each Wednesday, and an Insight report each month. Sandbox focuses on the latest digital marketing tips tools, case studies and vital information to help keep you ahead in the rapidly changing digital marketing space. Every month we send the Music Ally Report, which examines need to know business developments in the industry. And when you subscribe you also have access to the whole ten year searchable archive of all our previous reports and use of our Datamap. You will be issued a password and username when you set up.

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